Why You Need Dental Crowns

Sep 10, 2015

There was once a time when having bad teeth meant that you are stuck with a life of hand-over-mouth smiles and laughs. Since then, dental technology has advanced a lot to save you from embarrassment or low self-esteem over crooked teeth or gaps between teeth. So, for such cases, what other options do you have instead of hiding your smile, you ask? Well, there are many, and one of them is- dental crowns.

What are dental crowns and why are they used?

Dental crowns are a prosthetic material, which are shaped and designed exactly like natural teeth. They remain fixed where they are attached and hide the imperfections of naturally grown bad or crooked teeth. They are generally used to “cap” damaged teeth or cover dental implants, giving you a beautiful smile on the outside while holding their shape, alignment, and appearance, which helps to straighten them in the long term.

Crowns must be made very carefully so that they match the color of your teeth, the shape of your jaw, and the rest of your teeth perfectly. This is why you must go to an expert dentist for this, and our skilled and talented dentists in Willow Park Dental are perfect for you. They will inspect the condition of your teeth and gums and make the perfect set of crowns for you.

How to care for or maintain your dental crowns?

Dental crowns will cause you no trouble when made by an experienced dentist and get you used to them very fast. Once they are set in place, you can treat them as your natural teeth. The exercise of keeping your mouth clean will also by extension, keep your crowns, teeth, and gums clean so that you no longer are at the risk of developing gum disease. Our dentists in Willow Park will show you the correct technique to maintain your crowns properly.

Crowns are amazing inventions, but they must be made and attached carefully with the patient’s natural teeth. Always go to expert dentists when getting dental crowns, like our very own skilled and friendly dentists in Willow Park Dental Clinic.