Why You Need a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Sep 01, 2021
How many times do you visit the dentist for a dental cleaning and guidelines that will help you maintain clean teeth and good dental health? The way we maintain our teeth, reduces the risk of getting a discolored tooth or teeth. Almost everyone has a clean set of teeth at an early stage of life. However, due to age, food, and drinks, bad oral routine, and some other factors, some have to battle with discolored teeth. The good news is, you can correct discolored teeth with quality teeth whitening agents at the dentist’s office. Thanks to Calgary teeth whitening, teeth whitening has been an easy process by giving us the best smile we desire. Teeth whitening is a dental treatment that involves the use of whitening agents to make the teeth look whiter and brighter. The basic maintenance of teeth is usually done at home when we use our toothpaste and brush to take out food particles that are stuck in teeth holes and also prevent the teeth from getting stained or remove the stains that are already stuck on the teeth. Nevertheless, there are some stains on the teeth that require professional teeth whitening by a qualified dentist. A professional teeth whitening is done by the dentist. However, there are teeth whitening procedures that people can perform at home after seeking recommendations from the dentist (we will explain further below). Although teeth whitening can make the teeth look whiter and brighter, this doesn’t mean that it can wipe away a deep stain that has penetrated deep into the teeth. Some candidates are not suitable for teeth whitening. Those who have porcelain or any other dental caps or veneers on their teeth cannot get teeth whitening cause teeth whitening is not effective on such dental tools. Also, people who got their teeth stained by drugs and other medical treatments are not candidates for teeth whitening. You should seek advice from your dentist concerning other dental procedures that can correct a critical stained tooth. As earlier stated in this article, you must get teeth whitening from an authorized dentist. This is because the kind of whitening agents used by the dentists contains a high level of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide than the ones that are gotten over-the-counter. Even if you have to do it yourself, you should seek advice and supervision from your dentist. You can always visit a dentist near you or see a dentist in Calgary, AB.

How Do Dentists Perform Teeth Whitening?

After you’ve booked an appointment with the dentist for teeth whitening in Calgary, the dentist in Calgary, AB will make arrangements for your first dental appointment. This will get you prepared for your first visit. During your first appointment, your teeth will be examined to confirm if you’re a candidate for teeth whitening. After your teeth have been checked and the dentist has granted his permission for your treatment, the dentist will get you prepared for your treatment. Teeth whitening requires one visit unless there are complications after the first treatment. However, do not panic, our dentists who perform teeth whitening in Calgary always offer top-notch treatment. If you are not feeling relaxed and you are anxious about your treatment, you can talk to the dentist. The dentist will then make use of sedatives to help you relax before your treatment and after your treatment has been completed. During the treatment, the dentist will guard your gums by placing a shield that is identical to a mouthguard inside your mouth. After your gums have been protected, the dentist will apply the teeth whitening gel which contains about 35% hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. To make the gel penetrate deeply into the teeth, the dentist will use a laser or heating lamp for about 20 minutes while reapplying the whitening gel repeatedly until the dentist is sure that your teeth have absorbed the teeth whitening gel.

Is Teeth Whitening At Home Effective?

Well, getting teeth whitening agents that are not prescribed by an authorized dentist is not advisable and isn’t as effective as an in-office procedure. However, if you want to enjoy effective teeth whitening by doing it by yourself at home, you should be supervised by the dentist and get your teeth whitening kits from the dentist with guidelines on how to do it properly. Of course, there are good home teeth whitening agents that work perfectly fine for teeth whitening. See your dentist for recommendations. Remember, self-prescription is dangerous and the side effects cost more than.