Why Should You Get Mercury-Free Dentistry?

Oct 01, 2021


Dental solutions that involve amalgam increase the risk of mercy. Toxic levels of mercury can affect human health. Mercury-free dental practice in Calgary provides safer and more durable options. In this article, we discuss the benefits of mercury-free dentistry and common dental restorations. Kindly read on.

What is Mercury-Free Dentistry

Amalgam, containing mercury and some metals, is used in filling cavities. Mercury-free dentistry is an alternative for people concerned about amalgam use in dental fillings. Due to the presence of mercury, some people are worried about the health effects of amalgam.

Why Are Amalgam Fillings Dangerous?

Amalgam fillings contain about 50% mercury. Once you get amalgam fillings, mercury vaporizes into the body; this is more devastating because the body does not digest mercury. Hence it keeps on accumulating till it reaches toxic levels. Concentrated levels of mercury can harm the patient and also affect the neurological system of developing fetuses. Another downside to amalgam fillings is that the tooth is at risk of further decay because amalgam cracks on expansion.

Benefits Of Mercury-Free Dentistry

Some benefits of using mercury-free dentistry include;

Safe Alternative

The use of amalgam exposes both patients and dentists to mercury. Mercury exposure has effects on health, especially neurologically. Symptoms of mercury exposure depend on the level and amount of exposure, age of the exposed person, and overall health. Mercury-free dental clinics are healthy and do not pose a threat to human lives.

Suitable For Pregnant Women

Usually, what a pregnant woman eats or drinks affects the baby. Therefore, exposure to hazardous substances can have a heavy impact on a baby. Dental fillings containing mercury can affect a developing infant and even cause death in some cases. Therefore, mercury-free fillings are ideal for preserving both expectant mothers and infant health.

Healthy Alternative

Besides its effects on the neurological system, mercury fillings can affect the immune, cardiac, urinary, digestive, and respiratory systems. Mercury is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless substance that vaporizes at room temperature. Therefore, mercury can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream without giving patients or dentists any sign. Mercury-free dental fillings curb the absorption of mercury into the bloodstream.

Improved Smile

Metallic dental crowns or fillings are pretty noticeable when you smile or speak. Mercury-free dental crowns and fillings are a restorative treatment that can match your teeth color, thus, enhancing your smile


Mercury is a significant water pollutant. A dental office may unknowingly flush out mercury after working with amalgam, thus contaminating water sources and polluting the environment. It is best to eliminate mercury from dental solutions because the mercury-free options are environmentally safe.

Safe Procedures

Studies show that it takes just seven dental fillings to accumulate a toxic mercury level in your mouth. Mercury exposure may cause seizures, multiple sclerosis, allergies, and lupus. Incorporating mercury-free dental options does not pose a threat to human health

Strong And Durable Options

Amalgam dental fillings may shrink after a few years, causing damage to the tooth and making it susceptible to bacterial buildup. On the other hand, mercury-free dental fillings look like natural teeth and are suitable for strengthening damaged teeth.

Mercury-Free Dental Procedures

Common mercury-free dental restorations include composite resins and dental crowns. Dental crowns are ideal for protecting damaged teeth and improving tooth appearance. Mercury-free dental crowns may be from porcelain, composite material, or ceramic. Composite resin is an inexpensive dental restoration suitable for treating cavities, tooth deformations, and discoloration. Usually, a dentist in Calgary applies a resin to the tooth and hardens it worth ultraviolet light. Another advantage of composite resin is that mercury-free dentists can top it up, and it can last for a few years with proper oral hygiene.

Where Can You Get Mercury-Free Dentistry?

Dentists in Calgary provide safe and efficient mercury-free dentistry. You can find professional mercury-free dentists near you by using a search engine to look for dentists in SE, Calgary.


Mercury-free dentistry provides less hazardous dental restorations. On the other hand, amalgam can harm the neurological, digestive, and respiratory systems. Therefore, it is best to visit a dentist in SE, Calgary, for mercury-free dentistry.