What Do I Do if I Lose a Tooth?

Aug 16, 2019

Emergencies can happen anytime. At one minute you are safe and at another minute you lose a tooth. It usually happens while playing any kind of sport, accident or biting hard foods. Losing a permanent tooth could be shocking. Take a few steps if you lose a tooth.

  • Take a deep breath

Many times accident and injury can lead to losing a tooth. It is a very stressful and scary situation. Stay calm by taking a few deep breaths and call the dentist in SE Calgary. They will provide you with the emergency first aid and tell you how to manage the pain for a while.

  • Look around for the tooth

As soon as you get calm, try to look around for the tooth. When you retrieve it, handle from the top rather than the roots. Check whether the tooth has broken or damaged and ensure a piece is also not missing or still in the socket.

  • Clean the area and broken tooth

Hold the tooth from the crown and clean with cool water to remove dirt or debris. Dentist in SE Calgary suggests never brush or rub the broken tooth. For reattachment, it is essential to have the remaining soft tissue.

Rinse your mouth with cool water and if it is bleeding, use a cloth or apply ice to stop the blood flow.

  • Replace the tooth in its socket

If the entire tooth has fallen out and not even a piece of the tooth is remaining in the socket, it is easy to reattach the tooth to its original socket. Dentist near you says after placing the tooth, bite down on gauze or clean cloth to hold the tooth in position.

  • Store the tooth if you’re unable to replace it

You might not be expert in placing the tooth in its socket safely. Restore it in a box filled with water or milk. This will help in keeping the tooth moist and protects remaining soft tissue.

Find a dentist near you in SE Calgary to get it fixed as soon as possible.