Uncommon Facts About Teeth

Jul 12, 2016
Most human adults have from 28 to 32 permanent teeth, depending on if they keep their third molars. Besides the importance of proper oral hygiene, how much do you really know about them and the mysteries of how teeth grow?

Some babies in the world are born with teeth

This abnormality occurs in about one in every 2,000 births. These weird teeth are typically on the bottom and they emerge with weak roots. It common for natal teeth to be removed to eliminated the risk of swallowing and to avoid problems with nursing. This condition can be caused by certain medical conditions, but it is usually harmless.

Some people don’t lose their baby teeth

Children generally have a nice set of 20 primary teeth by the time they reach three years of age. These first choppers loosen and eventually get pushed out by the underlying permanent teeth. This rite of passage generally occurs at about five or six and ends in the early adolescent years. However, if no second teeth are present to erupt, the baby teeth won’t fall out.

Others can’t stop losing their teeth!

Hyperdontia is a condition of having what is called supernumerary, or extra teeth. The majority of extra teeth remain below the gum line, but occasionally they will erupt and crowd existing teeth. If this happens, a dentist can remove them, or an orthodontist can attempt to straighten them.

Do teeth really grow in strange places? Sometimes!

Teratomas are odd germ cell tumors that are known to develop many tissue types like teeth and hair. On occasion, eyes, hands or other limbs may emerge from the growth. This condition usually affects ovaries, testes or the tailbone area. Teratomas are mainly benign tumors that are generally surgically removed.

Braces no longer equal a social death

Years ago the only choice you had when it came to being a metal mouth was which color rubber band to wear. Today, there’s the modern traditional braces in a selection of colors, some even glow in the dark, Invisalign or hidden lingual braces. Other options include light activated brackets and fluorescent rubber bands. Now, the coolest kids and adults are sporting braces.

Dried fruit is more damaging to teeth than certain candy.

Not all sugary treats are equally bad. You might be surprised which sweets are most damaging to tooth enamel. Sugar from anything we eat feeds acid producing bacteria that erodes tooth enamel. Enough erosion over time will form a cavity. Avoid snacks that stick to your teeth such as raisins, instead, choose those that dissolve quickly like chocolate. Also,keep in mind it is best to have one batch of candy rather than snack on sugary bits all day, consistently feeding bacteria.