Troubles Brought by Wisdom Teeth Eruption – SE, Calgary

Aug 01, 2019

Our third molars, also known as wisdom tooth are the last ones to erupt. For some people the wisdom tooth eruption is quite normal and they never face any issues while eruption. But for a large majority of people, wisdom tooth eruption can be a nightmare. It causes severe pain. With evolution, our jawbone became smaller and the space for wisdom tooth got reduced. It’s no more an additional chewing support, but a cause of trouble, which is why many patients choose to get it extracted, says the dentist in SE, Calgary.

Troubles Associated with Wisdom Teeth


As the wisdom teeth are usually the last ones to erupt, there’s hardly any space in the mouth for them to erupt. Because of this, they remain trapped inside the jawbone. If required actions are not taken, it can lead to formation of tumors, cysts, and damage to the second molars.


When the wisdom tooth fully erupts, the ones in the lower jaw get covered by gum tissue. This is not a good sign as the tissue can be a place where food particles and other harmful substances can accumulate, leading to Pericoronitis. If left unattended, it can lead to pain, inflammation, lymph node enlargement, and fever.


If the wisdom teeth erupt, sometimes, the ones in the upper jaw may tend to grow in the direction of the cheeks. This can lead to irritation in the mucus membrane of the cheeks.


According to the dentist in SE, Calgary, as the wisdom tooth grows at the back of the jaw, bacteria can easily accumulate here. Also, cleaning them becomes difficult due to their position. This increases the risk of cavities, says the dentist near you in SE, Calgary.

Gum Disease

Wisdom teeth, whether fully or partially erupted can be more challenging than other pearly whites. Apart from cavities, they also impact the health of the supporting structure. If they are not extracted, it can lead to gum diseases. It can be difficult to deal with wisdom teeth and it is best to see a dentist near you.