Things to Know When Choosing Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Jul 25, 2016
Cosmetic dental veneers are an innovative way to restore the aesthetic appearance of imperfect teeth. These porcelain veneers are less invasive than dental crowns because they improve the look of teeth without sacrificing durability and strength. The cosmetic dentists at Willow Park offer quality porcelain veneers for teeth custom made for each patient. If you are considering dental veneers, take a look at the following useful information: Different types of cosmetic dental veneers

Empress dental veneers

are very strong, require minimal tooth preparation and mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel. The glass and ceramic material provide a translucent look. This type of veneer is made of a material that is easier to match to the varying shades of natural teeth. These teeth veneers are made of two layers, the first of a pressed ceramic and the second is made of glass.

Zirconium dental veneers

are very popular because they are durable, resistant to fracture and able to mask the underlying discolored tooth. The opacity of the base makes it necessary to reduce more of the tooth to cover it well. More layers of translucent porcelain are used. If not placed correctly, the zirconium dental veneers can easily break.

Feldspathic cosmetic veneers

have become the leading aesthetic material for custom-made cosmetic dental veneers. The advantage to this material is there is no need for a base to maintain the natural appearance. Very little tooth preparation is required so less tooth structure is diminished. Only highly skilled technicians design and construct these unique dental veneers. This type is more difficult to put in place and therefore more expensive than other veneers.

E.max dental veneers

are especially strong and the light transmission properties offer a very natural look. This type of porcelain veneer is considered to be a perfect match to your natural teeth. One disadvantage to E.max is the hefty price tag. The superior quality that results from the necessary laboratory equipment and specialized lab training required to construct this crown justify the higher price tag.

Procera teeth veneers

are made of specially milled aluminum oxide and a unique feldspathic layer. When constructed by an expert ceramist, these dental veneers look fantastic. However, they are much thicker and need additional tooth preparation to apply. They match the natural translucency and color perfectly; it is virtually impossible to tell the difference from the surrounding teeth.

CEREC veneers

are convenient and popular, but they don’t offer the most aesthetically pleasing result. Surface staining can make these dental veneers match natural teeth better eventually, but the ceramic material used to make CEREC is only available is one shade. It doesn’t mimic the look of organic teeth as well as other cosmetic dental veneers. Your dentist can advise you on which type will work best for your situation and budget, and what your dental clinic offers.