The Honest Truth About Your Missing Tooth

May 01, 2019

Are you missing one or more tooth or doubtful that you can soon lose a tooth? It’s time to see your dentist in SE Calgary as soon as possible so that you can get your missing tooth replaced in time. Having one or more missing tooth can have a negative impact on your dental health and facial appearance. Before you have a look at the options for replacing your missing tooth, you must have a look at the benefits of replacing your missing tooth.

Benefits of Fixing Missing Tooth

It can be embarrassing or nerve-wracking to see the dentist when you have a missing tooth but not meeting the dentist can make your problem worse and also put your remaining teeth in jeopardy. Fixing a missing tooth can help in:

  • Restoring your smile and your confidence
  • Fixing issues with chewing or speaking
  • Help in keeping the natural shape of your face intact
  • Help in fixing your bite’s form and function

Tooth Replacement Options

There are various treatment options and you can choose the one depending on your individual needs. The 3 common replacement options according to dentist in SE Calgary are:

  • Dental Implant

The dental implant is a life-changing restoration which offers the root of your missing tooth and keeps the jawbone stimulated and healthy. You get a custom and tooth-colored crown which can help you in eating the foods you love. The dental implants can last longer if you take care of them nicely.

  • Bridge

Just like its name, the dental bridge can bridge the gap created between a missing tooth or multiple teeth. The bridge is usually constructed of two or more crowns which are adjacent to the gap created by a missing tooth. These are anchoring teeth with a customized false tooth in between for filling the gap, says dentist near SE Calgary AB.

  • Dentures

When you miss multiple teeth, dentures can be used. They can replace both upper and lower missing teeth. They are created in a way that they look esthetically pleasing and completely natural.