The Hidden Dangers of Mercury Fillings

May 01, 2022
Are you aware all silver fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, contain 50 percent mercury? Do you also have the information that Mercury is highly toxic? In reality, there are no safe levels of mercury exposure. Countless Canadians have silver fillings in their teeth as restorations against cavities in their molars. Silver fillings are incredibly common and have been used to restore teeth for over a century. However, research reveals silver amalgam fillings expose you to the harmful toxic effects of mercury. This article focuses on mercury fillings and looks at why they are so common in dentistry, how they affect your health, and actions you can take to protect yourself from mercury exposure.

What Is Mercury?

Mercury occurs naturally as a chemical element existing in two primary forms — methylmercury and elemental mercury. Carbon is combined with methylmercury. Although the naked eye cannot visualize this toxic form, it is present throughout the environment. For example, methylmercury is present in water, soil, plants, and fish. It is also found in household items like batteries, latex paint, and fluorescent lights. Elemental mercury doesn’t react to other substances and appears like a silvery metal. Elemental mercury evaporates into toxic vapors when unexposed to heat. Elemental mercury is present in our lives in thermometers, barometers, and silver fillings.

Why Is Mercury Used in Fillings?

From the 19th century, mercury has been used in fillings but has remained controversial from the beginning. Shortly following the invention of amalgam, various harmful effects were widely reported. Mercury poisoning became a concern among many dentists who vowed to stop using the material and started providing mercury-free dentistry in SE, Calgary. However, many dentists in Canada continue using amalgam fillings because they are affordable, faster, and more comfortable to place than traditional gold fillers. Although numerous studies and evidence reveal the harmful effects of mercury, the CDC continues to highlight dental amalgam as a safe, affordable, and durable material. However, the viewpoint is criticized by organizations such as the International Academy of Oral medicine and toxicology.

How Dental Amalgam Fillings Poison Your Body?

If you have silver amalgam fillings in your teeth, you chew a tiny amount of mercury from the filling, released into your body. Of particular concern is chewing gum because it releases a higher amount of mercury into the body. Increases in temperature in your mouth when having hot tea or coffee also encourage the release of mercury vapors in your mouth.

The Hidden Dangers of Mercury Fillings

The harmful effects of mercury-laden fillings are scary. Mercury fillings are the top contributors to mercury poisoning, causing various problems. For example, you might suffer from tremors, insomnia, headaches, nerve damage, kidney problems, and respiratory failure. Studies conducted in America revealed no levels of mercury toxins released in the body from dental fillings could result in long-term brain damage. It is essential to note that pregnant women or those planning to get pregnant are specifically at risk. The risks emanate from mercury exposure being confirmed as having a devastating effect on the health of unborn children.

Actions You Can Take If You Have Mercury Fillings

As a known neurotoxin, Mercury is a poisonous substance to your body and undoubtedly shouldn’t be in your mouth. The longer you have silver amalgam fillings in your teeth, the higher mercury you will likely have in your body to affect your health. Although you confront challenges trying to remove mercury from your system, you can prevent its buildup by visiting the dentist in Calgary, AB, requesting amalgam filling removal as soon as you can. The dentist near me confronts no challenges removing silver fillings and replacing them with a safe and non-toxic material in a straightforward dental procedure. The dentist has the experience to complete the process because they understand how to effectively and safely remove silver amalgam fillings. After removing your silver fillings, the dentist provides composite resin fillings offering numerous advantages over mercury fillings. Composite resin fillings are entirely non-toxic and tooth-colored. The fillers don’t need extensive tooth structure removal and are covered by dental insurance companies. Most importantly, composite fillers are durable and are convenient for placement in any part of your mouth. If you have silver amalgam fillings with mercury in your mouth, get them replaced as soon as you can by visiting Willow Park Dental, where you meet dentists with a holistic experience of removing these harmful fillers.