The Diet for a Brighter Smile

Apr 06, 2017

Your smile is the first thing people notice; why not make it worth appreciating? It is imperative to have a healthy mouth in order to have a healthy body. And eating the right kind of food is an additional benefit to the dental care. Many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, and others, are essential to oral health.

Our expert dentists at Willow Park Dental recommend that the best way to prevent cavities is to limit your eating pattern to three meals a day which consists of the right kind of food that meets the requirements of the body. There are a number of food items which work wonders for your teeth. Check out these delicious ways to get a brighter, healthier smile.


Water by far is the best supplement to clean and hydrate your body. It also helps wash acid-producing foods from the mouth and lubricates your joints, protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, and helps to regulate your body temperature.


Cheese is not only rich in calcium which is vital for strong bones and teeth but it also contains lactic acid which prevents tooth decay.Cheese also counterbalances discoloration from other food items like wine and acts as a buffering agent against acidic foods that can damage the teeth. Consume less than an ounce of cheese cube to prevent any acidic food from harming your teeth.


Basil is a natural antibiotic that helps to reduce bacteria in the mouth. You can eat basil paired up with many dishes or with cheese. You can also make a pesto sauce and use it to create a variety of dishes.


Apples are a great source of fiber and water which acts as a cleansing element. It also involves a good amount of chewing and forces you to salivate, thereby rinsing away bacteria. The fibrous texture of apples also stimulate the gums.

Green Tea

This healing elixir has many research-backed benefits thanks to its powerful bacteria and disease-fighting antioxidants, catechins, which have the ability to protect teeth by preventing plaque from sticking to them, kill mouth bacteria, and prevent gum disease. Green teas also have fluoride in them, which prevents tooth decay and fortifies enamel.

Citrus Fruits

Although it is acidic, citrus fruit increases saliva flow. In fact, the studies also show that oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus fruit tend to protect tooth enamel. Because citrus fruits contain a lot of water, it also helps wash away acid-producing bacteria.

There are many other sources of food which prevent tooth decaying or coloring. Also with a limiting diet, make sure to brush and floss daily for dental care. For more information, visit or call Willow Park Dental in Calgary.