Reshape your Gummy Smile with Gum Recontouring in Calgary

Aug 22, 2016
Oftentimes, the best things in life are free, but in some situations, they require a worthwhile investment. If you look great you are going to feel good about yourself. That can be difficult if you live with an imperfect gummy smile. Gum recontouring in Calgary is a simple and safe way to reshape excessive gum tissue to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

What is gum recontouring in Calgary

As every great piece of art isn’t complete without the perfect frame, strong teeth won’t look their best if they aren’t surrounded by perfectly shaped gums. Excessive gums that cover too much of the tooth surface is a common problem. Many adults endure this condition and it makes their teeth appear to be too short. Another issue is when the gum line is uneven, making one tooth look longer than the others. Both situations can make for a very unattractive smile, but luckily with gum recontouring treatment, this can be easily corrected.

Is gum contouring treatment right for me?

When you decide you want to proceed with gum contouring in Calgary you will need to schedule a consultation with your dentist. She will discuss your options and go over everything you need to know about the gum recontouring procedure.  With your desires and goals fully understood, your individual treatment plan will be created.

What happens during the gum recontouring procedure?

In the past, gum contouring treatment was performed with a scalpel which resulted in a lot of bleeding, and discomfort during recovery. Today, a soft tissue diode laser is used at our Calgary dental clinic to safely excise extra gummy tissue with less pain and a shorter recovery period.  The gum recontouring procedure is a vital component in the smile makeover process. On the day of your gum contouring treatment, we will make sure you are very comfortable.Any fears or questions you may have about the procedure will be addressed beforehand, we want you to be at ease and feel confident in our work.Then, the excess gum tissue is precisely trimmed away, easily and painlessly. Following a brief recovery, you will leave our facility with an improved smile you will want to show off.

Am I a good candidate for gum recontouring treatment?

If you have a gummy smile or an uneven gum line, you may be a good candidate for gum recontouring. An initial consultation with your dentist will be required so she can examine your mouth and confirm your oral health. Individuals with gum disease or otherwise unhealthy gums are not good candidates.