Myths and Facts about Root Canals in Calgary

Aug 01, 2020
Most people get uneasy when they think about root canals. They associate it with a lot of pain, and most think that it is very expensive. These thoughts have been a result of misinformation, but today we will set the records straight. We will discuss the common myths about root canal treatment and then go over some facts. Hopefully, they will help you make an informed decision.

Myth: Root Canal Treatment is Very Painful

The most common myth about this treatment is that it is the most painful dental procedure. It might have been true many years ago, but things have changed drastically with modern technology. Root canal has become as painless as any other dental procedure. The truth is, the treatment subsides the pain, not cause it. The procedure does not take a lot of time, and you will be very comfortable during the entire procedure. Don’t let misinformation make you fail to get the right treatment. The procedure is not at all painful.

Myth: Root Canal Causes Infections

There are several articles online claiming that the procedure causes illness, but that’s not true. The claim came about after poorly designed research conducted years ago before modern medicine got a clear picture of what causes most diseases. Don’t be afraid that you will get ill if you undergo the procedure because that will not happen.

Myth: Tooth Extraction is a Better Option

The truth is and will always be that nothing can replace your natural tooth. If there is something that can be done to save it, you should always go for it. A root canal surgery is usually the last resort, and you should always go for it before trying extraction. If your tooth cannot be saved, now you can think about tooth extraction. The good news is endodontic treatment has a high success rate, so your tooth will probably be saved. The treatment also takes a shorter time compared to tooth extraction and replacement. What’s more, it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Myth: Pregnant Ladies Can’t Undergo a Root Canal Treatment

Pregnant women have some restrictions, but having a root canal is not one of them. Yes, the treatment does require the use of an x-ray, but the radiation exposure is so minimal to cause any damage. Furthermore, it is aimed at the mouth, not the stomach and the abdomen area. Your dentist will also take further measures to protect your baby by having you wear a lead apron during the procedure. The anaesthetic used is also quite safe, even for pregnant ladies. Just be sure to disclose that you are pregnant beforehand.

Fact: A Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Beautiful Smile

If you choose not to have a root canal, the infection will spread to the surrounding areas, harming the surrounding teeth. With time, you may have to extract them, which can drastically affect your smile. Additionally, if you opt for tooth extraction, you must replace the extracted tooth. Failure to that, your teeth will start shifting towards the left gap, which can seriously affect the alignment of your teeth. All that can be avoided through the root canal procedure, and it doesn’t even take a long time. You can talk to us if you require a root canal treatment in Calgary, AB.

Fact: A Root Canal Treatment is Not an Everlasting Solution

Don’t be misled that once you receive a root canal, you will never need to revisit the dentist. There is no permanent dental solution, and a root canal is no different. You will still require to visit your dentist from time to time for checkups and exams. Make an effort to visit him at least twice in a year for the best oral health.

Fact: Antibiotics Are Not an Alternative to a Root Canal Treatment

Many people take over-the-counter antibiotics when they have a tooth infection thinking it will save them from having to visit the dentist. Unfortunately, no blood flows to the areas inside your tooth, which means the antibiotics can’t do a thing for the infection. Only a root canal treatment can get rid of such a disease.

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