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Sahra Kanji Dr. Sahra Kanji

Dr. Sahra Kanji, although a native Calgarian, pursued her post-secondary education at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario after which she attained her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Toronto. She is a strong advocate of life long education to continue to be able to provide state of the art techniques and materials to improve patient comfort and treatment longevity. Dr. Kanji has attended numerous continuing education courses at prestigious institutions such as Las Vegas Institute, California centre for Advanced dental studies, Invisalign, DOCS Education and other well respected institutions. She has a keen interest in cosmetic and preventative dentistry.When she’s not practicing dentistry, Dr. Kanji enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures. She volunteers for health promotion initiatives in the community and has taken on various leadership positions over the past several years.

She sincerely looks forward to meeting you and your families!

Dr. Jason Pan Dr. Jason Pan

Dr. Jason Pan is born and raised in Alberta, growing up in Lethbridge. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Lethbridge in 2009. Since then, Dr. Pan graduated from the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2014 and has been practicing in the Calgary area since.

In his free time, Dr. Pan enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction novels. He also loves creating art in both traditional and digital media. Dr. Pan also spends much of his day raising his new friend, Laika.

Dr. Zahi Shlah Dr. Zahi Shlah

Dr. Zahi Shlah is a General Dentist currently practicing in Calgary, Alberta. He received his Bachelor of Sciences at the University of Calgary prior to attending the University of Melbourne, Australia for his DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery.  

He strives to provide the best possible experience with the highest standard of care to all his patients. To ensure comfort and care, Dr. Shlah has sat on the board of the Australian Dental Association and attended multiple continuing education courses, while keeping up to date on new science, technology and gadgets.  

Dr. Shlah loves to travel and experience new cultures, living in 3 different countries throughout his education. When Dr. Shlah is not hiking or reading, he enjoys unwinding on the couch to watch his favorite TV shows or the newest movie releases.

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