How To Deal With Pain and Infection After Dental Treatment

Nov 01, 2018

It is not uncommon to feel afraid prior to visiting your dentist for a treatment. Our team at Willow Park in SW Calgary understand that many feel uneasy before their procedures. We provide patients with a comfortable environment in order to best focus on their oral health. However, what about after the treatment? How can patients deal with pain and possible infection after a dental treatment? Continue reading on to get the answer and learn more about dental treatment in SW Calgary.

It is best to speak with your dentist near you about any concerns you might have prior to your procedure. They will go over the specifics of what you should expect.

  • Residual pain. Slight pain or discomfort after your procedure is normal and should not be the cause for alarm. Your dentist may prescribe a medication or recommend you take some form of over the counter pain relief. If your dentist has prescribed you with an antibiotic, then you should ensure you are taking the correct dosage on time. Give yourself time to heal for at least a couple days after your treatment.
  • Infection. If you are still experiencing pain for about three days after your procedure, then you may want to schedule a follow up appointment with your dentist. This may be a sign of infection. If you have a fever in the days that follow, then you need to call your dentist right away for assistance.
  • Excessive bleeding. Slight bleeding is normal after a procedure. However if it remains after a few hours, then you should also contact your dentist. This may be a sign that you need stitches to help your wound heal better.
  • Post treatment instructions. Make sure you follow your qualified dentist’s instructions after your procedure to ensure your smile heals properly and quickly.

If you are in need of a dental procedure or treatment, then contact our Willow Park dentist near sw calgary. Call us today to set up your next consultation and see how our experienced team can improve your smile.