How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

May 01, 2019

Your tooth needs restoration once you suffer from infection and decay. The dentist in Calgary says that filling offers an essential means of restoring your tooth. It’s a very common dental practice which allows the dentist in SE Calgary to maintain healthy function of your tooth. However, many people wonder about the cavity filling process. They also wonder about how to find the dentist offering filling services. Let’s find out some information about fillings.

The Process of Getting a Filling

When you are sitting in the dental office for getting a filling, the first step is to numb your mouth where the treatment has to be done. The dentist will make use of a local anesthetic which will be given through a very thin needle. You will only feel a slight pinch so that the process does not hurt.

The dentist in Calgary AB says that the next step involves the dental drill or laser. It’s the time when you hear high-pitched electrical tools and vibrations in your mouth. There’s no pain and the decay is also removed. Then the cavity is prepared for the filling.

According to dentist in Calgary, the next step is to fill the material known as gutta percha followed by a special light that is used for hardening the material. Then the filling will be polished for smoothening and making it feel like your natural teeth.

How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

The common restorations take only a short span of time for completion. Also, the cavity does not hurt. You may feel some soreness or dull aching but it subsides quite soon. It takes only an hour in most cases, says dentist in T2J 6A5. You only need to take some care while eating and drinking for a day or two.

Restorative Dentistry and Other Dental Needs

For your dental fillings or any other dental care, you need a qualified and experienced dentist near you who can offer quality dental services such as orthodontics, crowns and onlays, and emergency dental services.

Have healthy teeth without any kind of hassle.