Home Remedies for Teeth

Nov 10, 2015

Sometimes it is better to get some self-health from home. There are ingredients lying in our own kitchen that can make your teeth stronger and cleaner. Here are some wonderfully useful home remedies to familiarize yourself with for a better dental health:

1. Clove It is not known to most just how helpful appliance of clove can be for dental hygiene. Clove can actually fight off bacteria and inflammation, and possesses analgesic qualities. 2 to 3 drops of clove oil mixed with a quarter teaspoon of sesame oil can create a mixture that can stop cavities from spreading, as well as eliminate pain from toothaches. Using this recipe every night is sure to sustain excellent dental health. As an alternative, you could simply chew on cloves or keep one under your tongue, for a similar effect. 2. Salt Salt, like clovers, can also allow dental health to prosper. A good usage of salt in a mixture can stop germs from growing in the mouth, removing chances of cavities. Dip one teaspoon of salt in warm water, and move that inside your mouth without swallowing. You can focus on any damaged areas of the gums and the teeth, and doing so three times a day will produce great results. For a more concentrated approach, you can try mixing the salt with lemon juice or mustard oil instead. 3. Garlic can act as natural antibiotics, healing wounds, and disinfecting germs. Decay and cavities can be fought off using this bulbous herb. A cream of crushed garlic paste and a quarter teaspoon of rock salt can be used as a natural ointment for the teeth. A regular diet of garlic, in addition to rubbing its oil on damaged teeth, can produce similar effective results. There is no end to how garlic can be used in these cases since the ingredient itself is among the best home remedies for dental issues. 4. Licorice It has been recently discovered that licorice root contains two specific compounds that are vital in removing bacteria from the teeth. These compounds, when applied, can make the gums healthier and fight off diseases such as plaque. A good way to utilize licorice would be to use its powder to brush teeth. Using the root itself as a toothbrush can also suffice.