Gum Recontouring In Cosmetic Dentistry

Dec 01, 2019
The way your smile looks can affect your confidence level. Most people who have problems with their teeth tend to shy off from frequent smiling or laughing. This can greatly affect the quality of life. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry has become a haven for such patients and more. The beauty of a smile is not only dependent on how the teeth look. The gum tissue also plays a significant role in how a smile appears.

What Is Gum Recontouring?

Gum recontouring is a medical intervention procedure that involves correcting the dental problems associated with gum inconsistencies. Such problems like gingivitis, extreme tooth decay, receding gums, and other infections, can make a smile look ugly. Once the gum tissue becomes problematic, several other problems results, including wobbly teeth. The recession of the gums exposes the root of the teeth, leaving them vulnerable and without a strong support system. Other than that, gum recontouring in SE Calgary is necessary for patients who have a gummy smile. This happens when a lot of the gum tissue shows when one smiles. A gum recontouring dentist in Calgary will indulge in this treatment as a way to counter the different gum-related problems that compromise the stability of your natural teeth on the jawbone. The treatment is also called tissue sculpting, or simply, gum reshaping.

Causes of Uneven Gums

The unevenness of gums can have different causes, according to dentists in Calgary. Before you even contact a gum recontouring dentist in Calgary, you need to gather more information on what you are suffering from, and what the causes could be. Most of the patients that seek for gum recontouring in Calgary can relate to the following factors as causative agents for uneven gums:
  • Genetics – sometimes your smile is gummy because of the genetics of your family. The problem with gummy teeth is that they make teeth look smaller and shorter than they are. This is not necessarily an appealing cosmetic look.
  • Gum disease – whether gingivitis or periodontitis, gum disease can cause gum-related problems. For one, the gums recede too far from the teeth, leaving large gum pockets. This makes teeth look larger and longer than they are, hence compromising the smile of a patient. Besides, gum disease poses other oral health risks, and it is why it must be treated by a Calgary dentist as soon as possible.
  • Medication – some medication might help fight diseases and infections in your body, but they can have side effects that affect your gum tissue.

Why Do You Need Gum Contouring?

By itself, gum contouring is solely a cosmetic procedure. Most patients that reach out to dentists in SE Calgary do not have a present dental problem that requires immediate attention. The treatment is offered to help improve how their smiles look and boost their confidence. However, for some patients, visiting a dentist in SE Calgary is a matter of their health. Patients with receding gums can sabotage the state of their natural teeth. Without proper support from the gum tissue, teeth are bond to fall off with time. Further, an overgrowth of the gum tissue can cover too much of teeth’ crowns, deterring proper functioning. Such gum tissue can make it hard for patients to go about their everyday activities, including proper chewing. In such cases, gum contouring is a necessary treatment that a dentist near you will gladly offer.

How Much Does Gum Contouring Cost?

The cost of gum contouring differs from one patient to another. Given that most gum contouring procedures are cosmetic-based, you would expect the pricing to be high. However, different factors affect the pricing model. For one, the cost differs depending on the dental facility you visit. For example, you may find that a dentist near you in SE Calgary will have cheaper rates than other dentists. Other than that, it largely depends on the amount of dental work that will go into giving you the best smile. Overall, the pricing differs depending on the needs of the patient alongside the work that needs to be done.