Getting to Know a Dental Hygienist in SE Calgary

Nov 01, 2022
Are you stringent with your dental hygiene practices and schedule six monthly appointments with your dentist for exams and cleanings? If you do, you will know that the dentist examines your teeth while the hygienist cleans and polishes them to leave you with a gleaming smile. Under the circumstances, don’t you think knowing a dental hygienist in SE Calgary is beneficial? After all, the hygienist is the professional looking at every nook and corner of your teeth to ensure optimal dental health.

What Does a Hygienist Do?

Dental hygienists play an essential role in your dental health and well-being. The hygienist supports the dentist and performs vital duties like the ones detailed below to form the core piece of the dental hygiene puzzle almost. Dental hygienists perform the following roles:
  • Review the Dental and Health History of Patients: Before dental work is performed by the hygienist or dentist, conducting a medical history is a crucial role of dental hygienists. The review is a vital tool hygienists use to understand your previous dental work and medical conditions, understand changes to your overall health, prescriptions, and allergies, assess oral health risks, and prevent medical emergencies. In addition, the information collected during the medical history is used by the next to inform you of a customized dental treatment plan.
  • Screening Patients: besides collecting medical history, hygienists also screen patients for tooth decay and oral infections before the dentist performs any work. The process requires a few minutes to complete but is incredibly essential. Taking a quick inventory of the head, neck, and mouth makes it possible for the hygienist to identify problems that can spiral out of control.
  • Dental Cleanings: You must be familiar with a dental cleaning, an essential part of the hygienist’s job. These professionals use different tools and techniques to remove plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth to enhance your dental health and prevent holes and tooth loss while at the same time helping you achieve a beautiful smile by polishing your teeth to help you to maintain your overall health.
  • Dental X-Rays: in preventive care, dental x-rays play a pivotal role. Hygienists take x-rays for the dentist in Calgary to detect problems before they become severe issues. Dental x-rays help the dentist identify cavities, gum disease, oral infections, and some tumors. How often you need dental x-rays depends on your dental health, age, whether you exhibit signs of dental problems and your risk of oral disease. However, it is a relatively standard part of working as a dental hygienist.
Besides the above, hygienists also provide preventive care with therapies like fluoride and sealant application to promote dental health between appointments. They also educate you on maintaining excellent dental hygiene and help you to improve and maintain your dental health. Hygienists in Calgary work as a bridge between the dentist Calgary, SE, and you. After cleaning your teeth and screening for oral infections, the hygienist reports their findings to the dentist and prepares you for your appointment with the dentist by educating you about their results and detailing potential treatment options that the dentist might recommend or pursue. There will also identify areas of concern that need addressing by the dentist.

What Kind of Knowledge Does a Dental Hygienist Need?

Dental hygienists need adequate knowledge about the principles of clinical dental hygiene and practical knowledge of dentistry-related medications. In addition, they must be familiar with dental anatomy and pathology to recognize simple oral conditions. They must also be familiar with nutrition principles to advise patients concerning their diet. Dental hygienists must be familiar with using different types of dental instruments besides having patience and temper when working with their patients. They must secure the cooperation of their patients and pay close attention to details. They must exercise good judgment and remain alert when treating patients by recommending the proper dental care and diet according to the dentist’s diagnosis. While skills in handling and manipulating the latest dental instruments and models besides good eyesight and physical condition are essential, they must have the minimum training and experience and possess a valid license and registration authenticated by the Calgary education department in dental hygiene. Willow Park Dental has dental hygienists with the experience and knowledge detailed above to treat you when you visit them for your six monthly appointments. Now that you realize that the dental hygienist is not merely an assistant to the dentist, we hope you will cooperate with them during your next meeting with your dentist.