Get Those Teeth in Shape!

Mar 16, 2019

Do you ever feel self-conscious or ashamed while seeing in mirror because of your not-so-perfect smile? Imperfect smile has many possible reasons behind it, such as when teeth are decayed, chapped, cracked or crooked. This problem has a very easy and less expensive solution, which is known as tooth bonding.

In tooth bonding procedure, a tooth (of matching color with the rest of your teeth) material is applied to bind the tooth and provide you with a good smile on your face. Many dentists in Calgary suggest that this procedure is the best option for small issues with teeth.

Now, the question arises that, when should you get this procedure done?

Tooth bonding is a very popular procedure because it focuses on covering defects. This procedure is suggested when your teeth suffers from small problems such as

  • When teeth have gaps between them
  • Damaged during an injury or an accident
  • Shape of teeth is not proper
  • Crooked or decaying of teeth
How could you maintain your tooth bonding after the procedure?

People always say that precaution is better than cure. After surgery, it is very important that you should take proper care of your teeth, as a dentist in Calgary suggested so that the same problem does not occur again. If one doesn’t take good care of his/her teeth, then there are high chances that the material will break down. Following I have mentioned the steps that you can follow to have healthy teeth-

  • If you like to drink coffee, tea or wine- decrease the quantity, as per doctor’s recommendation
  • If you are a smoker, then stop smoking completely because it creates a problem of gum disease or worse, cancer
  • If you have a bad habit of chewing teeth, pencil, ice or any hard object then you need to stop it too because applying pressure on the bonding will definitely damage your teeth again
  • If any other problem, regarding the shape after the procedure or anything else, occurs then it is a good idea to call up a dentist near you.