Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular Dentistry in SE Calgary

Do you suffer from jaw, head or neck pain and have you tried everything to no avail? You could be suffering from TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disease. By scheduling an appointment with Willow Park Dental, you’ll be able to consult with or Dr. Kanji about your pain, and become one step closer towards relief.


Over 90% of TMJ pain originates in the muscles of the head and neck. Our neuromuscular approach to treatment is designed to get your muscles feeling better fast, relieve your pain and facilitate healing. Over 30 years of research and clinical experience has shown this technique to be highly effective in treating patients with various levels of head and neck pain.

You don’t have to suffer any longer. We can help.

Simply put, neuromuscular dentistry places the jaw into its optimal position, relieving the symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disease or TMJ. While traditional dentistry evaluates primarily the teeth, bones, and gums, neuromuscular dentistry works with the hard tissues and the soft tissues, muscles and nerves. Neuromuscular dentists understand that your hard and soft tissues have a complex relationship and work to make that relationship a harmonious one. TMJ affects 60 million people. It is a chronic degenerative disease that may take years to develop. The underlying structural imbalance of the jaw to skull relationship may result in pain, tension or spasms of the head, neck or jaw.
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