Finding Your Dream Smile

Feb 09, 2018

Your dream smile is not just a dream; it’s something that is completely unique to you and your desires. Every single person is in a completely unique situation when it comes to the kind of smile they are looking for. Maybe you just have misaligned teeth, and you simply want to correct the alignment. Well, there are already at least two options for you: do you want Invisalign or traditional wire braces? What about someone who doesn’t like the shape of their teeth, the spacing, or even their gums? There are many options for everyone when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Let’s consider just a few things.

What You Can Do for Your Smile

Here are three of the most popular things that people do to achieve their dream smile. Hopefully, this will give you a tip as to what you can do for your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures performed at your local dental office. An overwhelming majority of patients say that they would prefer that their teeth are at least a few shades brighter. Drinking coffee and other staining liquids like tea can have an adverse effect on your smile. Year after year of coffee consumption, your pearly whites may become stained and lose some of the shine they once had. Teeth whitening at your local dental office is fast, easy, and effective. You will see a more dramatic change in brightness with in-office brightening than any other teeth whitening option

Gum Recontouring

That’s right! Don’t like your gums? Change them! It’s a simple procedure performed by your dentist to contour your gums in a more desirable way.

Braces, Either Invisalign or Traditional

If your teeth have some simple alignment issues, then Invisalign might be perfect for you. For slightly misaligned teeth, Invisalign is way less hassle than traditional braces in that you don’t even have to change your regular eating or cleaning habits in any drastic way as you do with wire braces. Of course, traditional wire braces are still the most effective way of correcting serious misalignment.