Dental Financing

0% Easy Financing with Paybright

Pay Bright Canada

We offer Paybright 0% financing in an effort to help you afford the care that you deserve for larger treatment plans. Applying is easy—it only takes less than a minute!

  • 85% Approval Rate—Instant Approval
  • 0% Interest
  • Zero Down Payment
  • Dental Credit Line Applicable for the Whole Family
  • Financing Can Be Used for the Portion Insurance Doesn’t Pay
  • No Early Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Funds Are Received & Can Be Used in 1 Day!
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Dental Insurance

Don’t let your insurance company control your oral health! The problem with relying too much on dental insurance to decide on what treatment is optimal in your mouth is that there are many limitations to dental insurance. The most common is to exclude certain services altogether, usually the newer, superior and longer lasting treatments now available because of advancements in technology. Insurance companies will always opt for the least expensive alternative. Insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind or your long term health in mind. Their concern is fixing your problem now with the least costly method. When your insurance company denies treatment, it does not mean that treatment is not necessary. It simply means there is a less costly way of treating the problem. The consequence, however, is that this less costly treatment generally is a short term fix to your problem and could cause other costlier problems in the future. We encourage our patients to make decisions based on what is best for you not based on what your insurance company will pay for. We will take time to explain your options so that you understand your current level of dental health. We will make recommendations based on the “would I do it on myself” principal not the “lease expensive alternative” principal. We will help you understand your problems, your treatment choices, and in the end YOU decide what is best for you.
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