Fighting Enamel Erosion Is as Simple as One, Two, Three

Mar 01, 2019

Have you heard of dental enamel? It’s the substance on your teeth which protects it from decay and offers lustrous shine. It also happens to be the hardest substance in the body. Though it’s strong, it is not completely indestructible. Bad habits such as nail biting, aggressive brushing, and consuming foods and beverages high in acid content can cause damage to the enamel.

Has your tooth enamel started showing signs of wearing? Symptoms such as toothache, tooth sensitivity, jagged and rough edges, and discoloration can all be signs that your enamel is damaged, says dentist in SE Calgary. You need to visit the dentist near Calgary AB so that he can examine the signs of enamel damage.

However, as they say ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, you can also save your precious enamel from wearing out. Here’s a Look at Some Tips:

  • Use a Toothbrush with Soft Bristles

According to dentist in SE Calgary AB, brushing too aggressively with a toothbrush that has hard bristles can cause damage to the enamel. You may not see any difference today but in long run, the affect will be visible. All you need for cleaning your teeth is a soft bristles brush combined with right brushing techniques to get squeaky clean teeth.

  • Avoid Consuming Acidic Food and Beverages

There are few substances known for attacking your precious teeth enamel such as the citrus fruits and juices as well as many salad dressings. In fact, aerated beverages are also harmful for enamel. While we are not saying to completely eliminate them from your diet, limiting their consumption can help in long run to save your teeth enamel. Even if you consume any of these, squish your mouth with water to reduce strength of acid present in your mouth.

  • Abstain from teeth grinding, clenching, nail biting and biting on hard objects

These are some habits that put constant pressure on your teeth and can lead to chipping or fracturing of the enamel. Get a mouth guard from your dentist if you suspect signs of teeth grinding.