Everything You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Jul 22, 2018

Many of us have been plagued with cavities, meaning we’ve gone into the dental office for a dental filling. At Willow Park Dental in SE Calgary, AB, we’re proud to offer our patients the latest and greatest in technology, including dental fillings. One of the great things about our office, is we believe in keeping our patients educated and up-to-date and what we do. In the following article we will discuss a few things that some of our patients have asked us, in order to let you know everything you need to know about dental fillings.

What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a piece of composite resin that is malleable and placed into a cavity that has developed in the tooth. After the dental decay is removed, the dental fillings goal is to restore the tooth function and delay the growth of the cavity. The placement of the material is done by shaping it in the pit of the cavity and hardening it so that the tooth can function properly again.

Different Types of Fillings

There are a few different kinds of fillings, manufactured from a variety of different materials depending on what your circumstances call for. Your dentist will help you make the best decision on what to use based on how much repair as needed, any allergies you may have, and the cost in sight.

Some fillings are made from a resin composite material that can match the color of the surrounding teeth making them a great option. However dental fillings can also be made from gold or silver, but these tend to be more expensive.

Advancements in the dental filling field have come a long way. In past years, amalgam fillings contained high amounts of mercury, which are then absorbed into the body as they’re placed into the mouth and can cause serious problems.

How Willow Park Dental Can Help

At Willow Park Dental, our main concern is your health, and the function of your teeth. We work tirelessly to make sure your dental filling appointment is comfortable and stress free. Getting a dental filling does not have to be a source of anxiety, and does not have to trigger your dental phobia. You can rest assured knowing that the procedure is safe, fast and effective. If you still have questions about dental fillings or would like to schedule an appointment feel free to contact us in our office or online.