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Dental Implants: Advantages and Disadvantages

Oct 01, 2019

Lost a tooth? Do you need a dentist in SE Calgary? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

It is largely assumed that aging is the main cause of tooth loss. This is not entirely true as there are other major culprits for loss of permanent teeth. A visit to a dentist near you will reveal that accidents, gum disease, tooth decay or failed root canals are common factors that contribute to the loss of a tooth or more, for adults all around the world. Teeth play a vital role in oral health and overall wellness. Besides helping us to break down food through mastication, teeth also help us pronounce properly and maintain the structure of the face. Losing a tooth may, therefore, impact the quality of life.

There are different ways of dealing with the issue of a lost tooth. You can choose to live without the missing tooth. However, this is not a good choice, as some aspects of your life like how you chew and look will change. The other option is to undergo dental procedures that attempt to restore or replace a missing tooth. Dental implants are currently a common choice among dentists in Calgary for replacing lost or broken teeth. The procedure promises lasting and more successful results compared to the use of dentures and bridges. However, just as it has advantages, the procedure has some disadvantages too. It is therefore important to recognize both the upsides and downsides of dental implants to allow informed decision-making.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Stability: There is a lot to the structure of teeth than the white enamel we see. Your teeth have roots that anchor onto the jawbone and gums for total permanency. Dental implants try to replicate this natural structure of teeth to ensure the replaced tooth is just as stable. This gives you the confidence to speak, chew, and go about other activities as normal.

Natural Appearance: Since implants imitate the natural structure of a tooth and are fused to the bone, their appearance and feel are natural. They allow for the transfer of force from your jaw, and this promotes bone growth. Your speech and chewing remain unaffected, and the risk of facial collapse is averted.

Durability: When implants are installed correctly and are properly maintained, they can last a lifetime. Dentists in SE Calgary recommend that you regularly get the implants checked to ensure they remain in the right position. You are also still required to observe good oral care for overall wellness. Usually, the crown of an implant will require replacement after 10 to 15 years.

Convenience: Dental implants are secured just like natural teeth, and thus, there is no fear that they will fall off. A dentist in Calgary can ascertain that the success rate of implants is high, and they function great without being noticed. Unlike dentures and bridges, you will not require regular visits to the dentist to enhance the integrity of the procedure.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Costly: Getting implants in Calgary will cost you more, compared to other tooth replacement procedures. This is because the process is fairly complex compared to other dental procedures. Some insurance policies may also fail to cover or only cover part of the expenses for this procedure, which mounts even more pressure on your pocket.

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Invasive: Dental implants are installed through a surgical procedure. Surgeries carry some risks, and so you ought to work with a professional dentist in Calgary to reduce risk of infection. You may feel some pain and experience a little swelling immediately after the procedure, but this often goes away after a few days.

Lengthy Procedure: Getting dental implants done is not achieved in a single visit to the dentist. The process is structured into different stages, and you have to follow them all to get quality results. First, the implant prosthesis is placed on the jawbone, and then you wait for 15 to 30 days before the crown is installed.

Anatomical Limitations: For a successful dental implant, you need to have appropriate alveolar bone height. However, in old age, the bone support is highly faded and thus unable to support the implant prosthesis. This means that the procedure may not be suitable for patients who have lost teeth due to aging.

Now that you know of the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants, you can book an appointment with a dentist in SE Calgary to further discuss if it would be a suitable option for you. It may be necessary for the dentist to examine you and run some tests before giving you a verdict.