Dental Crowns: A Royal Repair for Your Smile

Jul 07, 2018

Do you feel self-conscious over your broken or cracked teeth? Maybe you are currently searching for an easy and affordable method to effectively repair your smile. Willow Park Dental offers a wide range of services to improve the function and appearance of our patients’ smiles. A common restoration is known as dental crowns. What are dental crowns and how can they improve a variety of smiles? Continue reading to find out more!

Know Your Crowns

Dental crowns are used as a cover over your individual tooth. They are used to fix a wide range of issues including the following:
  • A large cavity
  • To replace a missing tooth
  • To fix a badly cracked or broken tooth
  • Improve the appearance of stained or discolored teeth
  • Improve the shape of an individual tooth

Getting a Dental Crown

If you are receiving a dental crown, then your dentist will prepare for the procedure by thoroughly cleaning the affected area and removing any decay. They will provide you with a numbing medication as they reshape the tooth for the crown. An impression will be taken of your teeth and sent to a lab in order to make your new and permanent dental crown.

Taking Care of Your Crown

In order to get the most use out of your crown, your dentist may recommend investing in a night guard. This is especially helpful for individuals who grind or clench their teeth. Our dentists will encourage good oral health hygiene to maintain the restoration and prevent decay. Dental crown costs and insurance coverage will vary based on each patient and their insurance plans. Our dental clinic accepts most insurances and works with you to provide optimal care for your smile!