Dental Bridges As Artificial Tooth Replacements: When Do They Become Necessary?

Jan 01, 2021

Among various options currently available to replace missing teeth, one that is gaining in popularity is a dental bridge. Dental bridges near you are practical solutions to replace one or more missing teeth in your mouth.

If you have a missing tooth or one with severe decay unstable to hold dental crown by itself, a treatment option is recommended by dentists with dental bridges. Would you like to know what is a dental bridge, and why would you ever need one? Let us explain dental bridges comprehensively to make you aware of how they can benefit you.

A Description of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is part of a set of teeth, creating a bridge over the space where you have a missing tooth. When you have a traditional bridge, a fake tooth called Pontic is attached to each side of a dental crown secured to the neighboring teeth called abutments. However, if you don’t have durable natural adjacent teeth, dental implants are inserted in your mouth for support. The fake tooth remains securely attached to the crowns on both sides of the tooth, bridging the gap or open space between your teeth.

You may need to consider dental bridges in Calgary if you have one or several missing teeth in your mouth. Bridges restore the appearance of your smile by replacing the missing tooth with an artificial replacement appearing natural as your the teeth. Besides the aesthetic benefits of dental bridges, having these artificial prosthetics can also restore or maintain proper chewing, biting, and speaking abilities, promoting your face appropriately. Most importantly, having an artificial tooth in the space left vacant by the missing tooth prevents shifting of the neighboring teeth to create misalignment and bite problems.

What Kind of Dental Bridges Can You Consider?

There are four varieties of dental bridges you can consider, each depending on your specific situation. A traditional dental bridge is suitable if you have natural teeth on both sides of the gap created by the missing tooth. If you have just one tooth to support the bridge beside the blank space, you can have a cantilever bridge where the fake tooth is attached to only one dental crown. The dentist in Calgary, AB, offers Maryland bridges if you need to close a blank space in the aesthetic zone of your face. Maryland bridges are not attached to dental crowns but are held by a framework of metal and are attached to the neighboring teeth.

If you have more than three teeth missing in a row dentists, offer you implant-supported dental bridges that are most secure and remain in your mouth permanently. The dentist determines the choice of which type of bridge you can have you visit after an evaluation of your mouth. It would be helpful if you adhered to the advice of your dentist, who is a qualified professional to provide excellent replacements for your missing tooth.

Determining whether you need a dental bridge or must have other options must consider the benefits and drawbacks of dental bridges before having them. Dental bridges in Calgary help you to make an informed decision by providing appropriate advice after looking at your specific requirements and performing a thorough evaluation.

Are Dental Bridges Optimal Tooth Replacement Solutions?

Among various tooth replacement solutions available on the market, dental bridges have held their place ever since their introduction. They may not compare as favorably as dental implants inserted into your jawbone but are undoubtedly better than dentures that cause numerous problems to wearers who have them.

If you want an alternative solution to dental bridges, you can consider an implant-supported dental bridge that permanently encloses the blank space in your mouth with an artificial tooth. However, you must prepare yourselves to undergo an intensive and expensive procedure requiring months before it is accomplished.

If you want to have the natural tooth you lost without undergoing an intensive procedure; dental bridges are undoubtedly an option you can consider. The process requires a couple of appointments with your dentist before you can have a fake tooth in the space you are now displaying. The dental bridge will close the yawning gap between your smile and restore your mouth functionality in just three or four weeks. Dental bridges are a fantastic option for people that don’t want dentures and cannot afford implants. If you have one or more missing teeth in your mouth, you must discuss dental bridges with your dentist to understand whether they are suitable for you and have them if confirmed positive for them.