tooth crowns

Tooth Crowns in SE Calgary

If you have a problem with your teeth that is keeping you from smiling to the best of your ability, then tooth crowns may offer you a solution to get you back into smiling shape. Tooth crowns are a very versatile restoration procedure that will completely encase your damaged tooth, or teeth above the gum line. Candidates for tooth crowns often need to:
  • Repair a cracked tooth
  • Hold a Dental Bridge in place
  • Create a prosthetic tooth to cover dental implant
  • Cover or improve the appearance of a misshapen tooth
  • Restore broken tooth that has suffered severe wear
  • Cover tooth with a large filling if there is only a small amount of natural tooth structure remaining
Here at Willow Park Dental, our dentist’s, Dr. Kanji, use porcelain crowns almost exclusively because they have determined, after years of experience, that they deliver the best results.

What to Expect

Once you’ve made an appointment with our dental team at Willow Park, you’ll receive your consultation with Doctors where your questions, and concerns will be answered and discussed. Your second visit will be the beginning of your treatment, and you new porcelain crowns; your tooth crown procedure will be completed in two office visits. During your initial visit, Dr. Kanji, will clean and remove any decay from your tooth, and will shape the tooth structure in order to accommodate your new crown. Once your teeth have been prepared, a digital scan will be taken using our iTero system; the digital impressions created with the digital dental scanner will be sent to our dental lab for use in the construction of your dental crown. At the end of your first visit to the Willow Park for your dental crown, Dr. Kanji will place a temporary crown on your tooth, while your permanent one is being constructed. Once your crown has been crafted in the lab, the Aurum Group, who is experienced in crafting high quality dental fixtures, you will return to our office to have it placed. Finally, during your final visit, Dr. Kanji will remove your temporary crown, and adhere your permanent one to your teeth, ensuring that you have a comfortable, and natural fit.

Taking care of your crown

To maintain the health of your new tooth crown it is important to take care of your overall oral health. Good oral hygiene practices such as brushing twice a day and flossing once a day will go a long way in making sure your crown will last a very long time. By practicing good oral hygiene your will help prevent plaque from accumulating in the region were your tooth crown meets your gums. Avoid chewing hard foods, as it may cause damage to your tooth crown; activates such as grinding can also have a substantial impact on how long your restoration lasts. If you have been experiencing teeth grinding,Dr. Kanji may recommend a neuromuscular evaluation to determine the cause of your grinding. For more information on how Dr. Kanji can help you achieve your beautiful, natural looking smile, make an appointment for a consultation at Willow Park Dental.
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