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Teeth Whitening in SE Calgary

Caffeine, wine, sodas, smoking and other activities that we may engage in can have a unsettling effect on our teeth: daily intake of these may have led to a dull or discolored smile. Willow Park Dental has your solution to your smile troubles, and it can be as easy as a simple visit, or an at home treatment! Whatever your choice, you’ll be brightening your smile with a dental team that will listen, and pay attention to your dental needs.

Teeth Whitening in Calgary Office

Teeth whitening at Willow Park Dental can be done quickly with our in office teeth whitening system: The Dash® system from Discus Dental®. The dental procedure is a comprehensive whitening procedure that uses a 30% hydrogen peroxide gel formula. We apply a whitening accelerator, followed by the powerful bleaching gel containing fluoride, potassium nitrite, and amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), an ADA-designed technology that enhances results and comfort. To help you maintain your brilliant smile, we’ll send you home with touch up trays to keep your smile bright.

Teeth Whitening at Home

If you’d rather take care of brightening your teeth from the comfort of your home, Willow Park Dental offers its patients the option of a take-home teeth whitening system, Nite White® by Discus Dental. With Nite White, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth as you sleep: contains ACP, potassium nitrite, and fluoride for optimal improvement. When comparing Nite White to other home whitening kits, it has been shown to have a lower risk of tooth sensitivity while still offering noticeable shade improvement. Not only are our in-office, and take-home teeth whitening treatments FDA-approved and designed for your comfort and safety, all aspects of these programs are “green.” In other words, they are specifically designed to reduce waste and improve our overall carbon footprint.

Willow Park Can Help You Achieve Your Perfect Shade

Our dentist’s, Dr. Kanji, are experienced and dedicated to providing you with the care and dental procedures that will give you a more confident smile. During your consultation, attention will be given to your needs, and your desires as to how much you’d like to lighten your smile, with emphasis on a natural and healthy looking smile. Depending on your needs, and desires, our team will be able to deliver the right amount of whitening product to ensure that you get the dream smile you’ve always wanted. For more information on how Dr. Kanji can help you achieve your beautiful, natural looking smile, make an appointment for a consultation at Willow Park Dental.
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