gum recontouring

Gum Recontouring in SE Calgary

Being uncomfortable with your smile could be due to a number of reasons; if you feel your smile is suffering because of your gums, gum recontouring, reshaping of the gingival tissue, could be your solution. Our team here at Willow Park agrees that it is a safe, and easy way of reducing excess gum tissue.

Reasons for gum recontouring

When you smile there should never be a fear that your teeth appear too small, or that your gum line is uneven. Having excess gum tissue is easily repairable with Willow Park’s gum recontouring procedure. The gum tissue that is making your teeth appear small, or your smile uneven can easily be trimmed easily and painlessly with our soft tissue diode laser. Our patients are often amazed at how much difference removal of a few millimeters of gum tissue can do for their smile. Taking the time to consult with our amazing dentists, Dr. Kanji, you can learn how easily, and effectively the gum recontouring procedure works towards improving your smile.

Gum recontouring procedure

Before the advent of the soft tissue diode laser, the gum recontouring procedure was Performed using a scalpel, which involved bleeding and an often times uncomfortable recovery. Thanks to the introduction of the diode laser in the dental clinical setting, our dentists, and Dr. Kanji, can safely remove any excess gum tissue with minimal pain, and recovery time. Gum recontouring has become a key part in the smile makeover process, and our dentists are familiar and comfortable performing the procedure to improve the smiles of our patients. With experience, and education on their side, Dr. Kanji are able to perform the procedure with the utmost attention and care needed in the gum recontouring treatment. Any fears, and questions about the gum recontouring procedure will be met, and answered before, and we’ll ensure that you have the utmost confidence in our work. For more information on how Dr. Kanji can help you achieve your beautiful, natural looking smile, make an appointment for a consultation at Willow Park Dental.
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