dental bridges

Dental Bridges in SE Calgary

Taking the time to consult with our dental team at Willow Park will help you shed your self-consciousness about your missing teeth, and bring light to your problem whose solution may be dental bridges. By consulting with our wonderful dentists,Dr. Kanji, you’ll be shown the ways in which dental bridges can help fix not only your smile, but your overall dental health as well.

Dental Bridge Design

A dental bridge is a device used to replace missing teeth by attaching artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth via dental crowns, and placing a false tooth in between to fill in the gap caused by a missing tooth. Designing your dental bridge is made easy thanks to our iTero digital impression technology, which allows for us to take impressions without the mess and hassle of the traditional method. The dental digital impressions will then be sent to our lab partners, internationally recognized dental lab the Aurum Group, who are experienced in crafting some of the best dental fixtures. We are experienced in providing you with the service that you need when it comes to receiving a dental bridge, and the results will leave you with an attractive and natural looking smile.

Placement procedure of your dental bridge

Generally, bridge restorations take about a full week to complete, but once we receive your finished dental bridge from our dental lab partners, your dental bridge will be ready to be adhered to your teeth. After your dental bridge is securely bonded to the affected area of your teeth, Dr. Kanji will check your bite and make any necessary adjustments so that your teeth are comfortable and natural looking.

A solution for your missing tooth

Missing teeth go beyond the aesthetic problems you may be experiencing. That’s why dental bridges may also be a perfect solution towards improving your dental health by promoting healthy jaw function, and preventing shifting of your natural teeth. Some people may find the idea of a dental bridge to be too daunting, so in these cases Willow Park offers the option of having a removable partial denture as the solution to a missing tooth. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’d like a more permanent solution to your missing tooth problem, Dr. Kanji can have a consultation with you regarding dental implants, which are secured in the jawbone and can provide you with effective results. For more information on how Dr. Kanji can help you achieve your beautiful, natural looking smile, make an appointment for a consultation at Willow Park Dental.
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