Beware of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Aug 26, 2015

With the increasing awareness of all the different kinds of dental operations that are available nowadays, people are getting all kinds of dental fixes, even if they’re not necessary. Caring for your teeth with a help of many different procedures is good, but sometimes, this can negatively affect the teeth, which can become very weak due to all this extensive treatment. Dental fillings can break and enter the oral cavity, and the procedure that is required for dental bonding and veneers might result in your teeth losing their strength and breaking under all the pressure. Sometimes, teeth crack during all these treatments and stay a long time like that before finally causing any trouble. But this cracked tooth is actually a very serious problem that may cause you to lose your teeth permanently if it is not treated properly in time.

Cracked tooth syndrome is a case where the person feels sudden, deep stings of pain when they put pressure on something in their mouth; that is, when they bite or chew something. If left untreated for too long, then the damage will worsen over time. Initially, the deep pangs of pain can be felt as the crack gradually reaches the dentin. With prolonged pressure, the crack will cross that stage and reach out to the pulp chamber, and this is where the real problem starts. Now, as the crack reaches the pulp chamber, it will cause an opening to the pulp tissues. Bacteria and bacterial antigens can now enter the pulp cavity through this opening, contaminate the pulp tissues, and cause an infection of the tooth or even cause the death of the nerves.

Treatment does not guarantee a total recovery from the condition, but it can confirm longevity of the affected tooth. There is no fixed type of treatment when it comes to dental cracks. Dental cracks are basically dental fractures that can occur because of a wide range of factors, so their treatment varies as well. Talk to our dentists in Willow Park Dental to know more about the different kinds of treatments that can help stop the pain and keep the damage to a minimum. Our dentists are very qualified and experienced in their practice, so we can assure you a completely professional and trustable experience in our clinic.