Are Root Canals Painful? The Surprising Truth About Root Canals Treatment

Oct 30, 2018
Don’t be surprised if feelings of anxiety and apprehension are experienced when your dentist tells you that a root canal may be a possible treatment that you need in order to fix a toothache. Many of us have heard horror stories from friends and family about how painful is a root canal procedure can be. However, this kind of dental anxiety can stem from not fully understanding the root canal process, and really appreciating how far dental advancements have come. In the following article we will discuss the surprising truth about root canal treatment.

Root Canals Shouldn’t Be Painful

In truth, root canals should not be painful. This is not to say that some patients have experienced pain when receiving this treatment. The pain felt stems from the infection at the root of the tooth causing inflammation. When your tooth is inflamed, it is common that this area takes a longer for anesthesia to take effect. By combining antibiotics and anesthesia, the dentist creates a concoction that is effective in preventing discomfort during root canal treatment, something that was not being offered years ago.

What to Expect at Your Root Canal Treatment Appointment

The first thing to expect during a root canal treatment is the numbing process. We ensure that we make time to give the tooth a sufficient amount to react to Anesthesia, especially if the infection has progressed to make the tooth very inflamed. After the tooth is numbed, then decay or filling material in the tooth is taken out. By removing the root next, we insure that any infected portions of the tooth are removed and sanitized before filling the canals with a composite resin. After this appointment, it is more than likely that you will need to come back for crown preparation.

Talk to Your SE Calgary Dentist As Soon As Possible!

If you find that after this article, you still have pending questions about root canals and whether or not they are something you would like to make an appointment to have done, as your local SE Calgary dental experts, we are eager to answer your questions and address your concerns. Feel free to contact us at Willow Park Dental via means most convenient to you, and we would be honored to set up a consultation appointment with you or a member of your family to give you the dental care you need as soon as possible!