7 Steps for a Healthy Smile

Feb 01, 2019

Who doesn’t dream of having a healthy smile? A healthy smile is not just about having teeth that appear bright and white but also about having teeth that are strong and functional. It is said that prevention is better than cure and it applies to your dental health as well, says Dentist in Calgary SE. However, healthy teeth and smile don’t happen automatically. You need to put efforts consistently for a healthy smile.

Here’s a Look at Some Preventive Tips for Your Oral Care:

  • The Dentist near SE Calgary says that you need to make it a habit to brush your teeth daily twice for at least 2 minutes. Also, make sure you are using an ADA approved toothbrush as it is effective in getting good results.
  • The next important thing to keep in mind is to floss daily. Brushing alone can’t keep your teeth clean. The food that is stuck in between the teeth and plaque formation between the teeth can only be removed by flossing. Brush doesn’t reach there and flossing is the only solution.
  • The next preventive tip is to wear a mouth guard when you participate in any sports or adventure activity which makes your teeth vulnerable to damage.
  • According to Dentist in south east Calgary, you should avoid smoking as much as possible. It not only impacts your dental health but also puts your overall health at risk.
  • If you are thinking about getting your cheek, tongue, lips, or teeth pierced, you need to drop the idea. Piercing puts you at the risk of chipped teeth, infection, and nerve damage. It is a dangerous trend which should be avoided at any cost.
  • The Dentist near SE Calgary AB says that you should avoid having food and beverages that contain a lot of starch or sugar in it as it attracts bacteria and may lead to increase in their growth.
  • The last yet very significant tip is to visit the dentist near you quite often so that he can clean your teeth and examine if there is any dental issue.