5 Ways to Make Your Smile Sparkle

May 31, 2017

Don’t let your smile dull your shine! With Willow Park Dental’s cosmetic dentistry services, unsatisfactory smiles can be a thing of the past. Whether you suffer from tooth discoloration or even cracked teeth, our dental experts have a solution perfect for you.

Routine Dental Cleaning

One of the best ways to maintain a beautiful, sparkly smile is through routine dental checkups and cleaning. Even though at home dental care is necessary, visiting a dentist for a routine cleaning is always recommended. We can get to those tricky, hard to reach places, evaluate for any cavities you may be missing and really give your teeth a good scrub.

Teeth Whitening

For patients suffering from discolored teeth, we recommend our teeth whitening services. There are many things we consume daily that can lead to stained teeth, from smoking to drinking coffee. We offer both in-office and at home whitening treatments depending on what you prefer. Our teeth whitening treatments have a lower risk of tooth sensitivity than ones you can find over the counter.


If you have crooked, chipped, cracked or worn teeth, veneers may be the perfect option for making your smile sparkle. They are made from a thin shell of porcelain and attached to the front of the teeth. These are not recommended for patients that have structural damage to their teeth as it is a completely cosmetic procedure.


If your teeth suffer from structural damage as well as being chipped, cracked or discolored, dental crowns are a great option. They provide protection along with cosmetic benefits and can take a dull smile and turn it absolutely beautiful. They are customized to match your existing teeth perfectly so no one will notice you even have crowns.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option for something with extremely damaged or missing teeth. They are titanium posts, which mimic a natural tooth root, covered by dental crowns. They function exactly like natural teeth, without the hassles of dentures.

Make your dull smile a thing of the past with Willow Park Dental’s cosmetic dentistry services. Whether you simply need color correction or a tooth replaced, our team of dental experts have you covered. Don’t wait another day to brighten your smile, contact Willow Park Dental in Calgary today!