5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Braces

Sep 04, 2018

The process of getting used to your new braces may take some time. Your mouth may need to get accustomed to speaking and eating with the new appliance. There are also several foods our team at Willow Park Dental recommend avoiding. Continue reading on to learn what five of these foods are and why you should avoid them if you have braces currently or are soon to get them.

  • Hard Foods. Hard foods, such as whole apples, can cause the wires to bend or pull at the braces and move them. This can be painful for the individual and requires additional help from our team to restore the braces. A good alternative is cutting up fruits and veggies in advance or investing in a juicer for a healthy drink.
  • Chewing Gum. Chewing gum will easily get trapped in braces and can pull on the braces. Avoid chewing gum until after your teeth are complete with their treatment.
  • High Sugar Selections. Drinks that have a high volume of acidity and sugar can cause oral health problems, especially for those with braces. Deposits can hide in the brackets despite an individual’s good oral hygiene habits. They can also cause the adhesive to loosen. Our team recommends a higher intake of water for the duration of oral appliance use.
  • Sticky Foods. Chewy candies can easily get stuck in braces and are very difficult to remove. They can lead to bacteria build-up and different oral health issues.
  • Caffeine Beverages. Drinks such as coffee, teas, and dark sodas can stain teeth if not properly cleaned right away.

If you are interested in learning more about how to care for your braces, then contact our office for more information or to schedule a consultation.