10 Advantages of Orthodontic Dentistry

Oct 01, 2020

Over the years, dentistry has evolved rapidly. Incorporating different medical treatments has eased dentists’ job and have paved the pathway for better examination and treatment of dental ailments and imperfections.

The teeth perform more work than most of the body organs. You might think that chewing of food is your teeth’s primary job, but apart from chewing the food, teeth help you talk distinctly. You can never ignore the aesthetic value of the teeth. A bright smile can boost your self-esteem.

What is the Need for Orthodontic Treatment?

The special dentistry branch that deals in diagnosis, prevention, and correction of the misaligned and mispositioned teeth are orthodontic dentistry. Misaligned teeth can also cause a change in your jaws’ alignment and alter the facial structure. Irregular bites, cuts of the mouth, and lips are commonly associated with misaligned teeth.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of the teeth and jaws’ structural abnormalities. The orthodontic treatment in Calgary might provide dental prostheses as braces to align your teeth. Dental gaps can also be minimized through orthodontic dentistry.

Advantages of Orthodontic Dentistry

It is time to bid goodbye to the thought orthodontic dentistry means wearing metal braces. Dental science has advanced rapidly. The benefit of orthodontic dentistry does not stop here. You can get orthodontic treatment near you at Willow Park Dental, if you reside in Calgary, AB.

1: Smile Esthesis

One of the most significant salient features of orthodontic dentistry is to provide a confident and attractive smile. Orthodontic treatment in Calgary, AB, focuses on this aspect, and the dentists ensure that you get a flawless smile.

2: Facial Esthesis

Apart from strengthening the teeth, orthodontic dentists also strive to improve the relationship between your upper and lower jaws so that the teeth can come together in alignment and reduce the chances of cuts. The harmony between the teeth and jaws positively impacts your facial appearance, structure, and features. Orthodontic dentistry focuses on settling underbite or overbite.

3: Reducing Risk to Teeth

The mal-positioned teeth are at higher risk of dental trauma or a tooth loss. The tooth that is stuck out from the jaw is more prone to be fractured, even in mind, trauma, or accident. Crossbite is a common phenomenon in which the upper teeth sit inside the bottom teeth and cause gum recession, bone loss, and tooth damage. Orthodontic dentistry can help to correct the position of misaligned teeth.

4: Speech

One of the most significant functions of the teeth is to aid in speech. The misaligned teeth can cause words to slip and slur in your mouth. The incorrect bite might also hinder distinct speech, and you can have these treated with Orthodontic dentistry.

5: Dental Wear

The misaligned teeth can cause additional wear and tear due to the uneven distribution of biting force. The orthodontic dentist is trained to address such issues.

6: Self-esteem and Confidence

Clinical research has revealed that correcting the bite and settling crooked teeth can induce an attractive smile and a higher confidence level. If you are self-conscious and confident of your smile, you can book an appointment with Willow Park Dental.

7: Professional Career

A scientific study reveals that people with an ideal smile are considered more intelligent and have a better chance of finding a job. Orthodontic dentistry can give you a lost smile and boost the chances of employment.

8: Facilitating Dental Restoration

Dental implants might be hindered due to misaligned teeth. The Orthodontic dentist needs to correct and align the crooked tooth before administering a dental implant. The process is elaborate and painful, so it is better to rectify the misaligned teeth.

9: Beneficial for Children

Orthodontic treatment helps in palatal expansion. Without which, the child’s tooth might erupt at a crooked angle. Orthodontic dentistry eliminates crowding of teeth and eliminates narrower jaws.

10: Oral Health

Crooked and crowded teeth cannot be cleaned and can increase the cavity’s chances by deposition of tartar. Orthodontic dentistry minimizes such risk by aligning the teeth and boost oral health. You can book an appointment with Willow Park Dental and avail of the flexible financing option.

You can choose from the various dental treatments administered by experienced dentists. The dental prosthesis is also available here.