General Dentistry

General Dentistry in SE Calgary

No one needs to be told of the importance of the maintenance of a healthy jaw and mouth, smile and breath included. Unfortunately, most people tend to overlook the necessary steps that must be followed to keep your dental clean and strong. Hence, it is only natural that dentists are available all around to right all the wrongs of an individual’s pearly whites. Willow Park Dental has an excellent team of dentists who have not only grasped the concepts of general dentistry, but have also fixed the smiles of hundreds.

What is the job of the general dentists available at our dental care centre?

They analyze, diagnose, prevent and treat all forms of oral diseases. Additionally, it is their job to maintain a clean and beautiful mouth. After evaluations, if they discover any problems or abnormalities, they could refer patients to specialists for further discussion and treatment.

Who can visit our team of general dentists?

Anyone could book an appointment with them, regardless of age, sex and age.

How much do they charge and how can I pay them for their services?

Different services require patients to pay in different amounts. Our centre definitely accepts a bunch of insurance plans.

What general dentistry services do we offer?

Our team is well-practiced in several forms of dental procedures, even specializing in a bunch of them. A few of their areas of expertise lie in:

TMD therapy:

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are problems that a patient has with the muscles and jaws that control their mouth.s


These are covers that are shaped according to your tooth, covering it to restore its shape, color and strength.

Tobacco cessation:

This is the process where your dentist helps you to quit smoking tobacco.


Generally, there are three main types of bridges, all of which help bring your teeth close if and when you lose a tooth or two. By the help of the bridges, the gaps lessens over time.


These are thin covers of plastic that are painted on teeth, especially your molars and premolars, doing the job of preventing tooth decay.


These are certain frames that consist of one or more artificial teeth that could be used to make up for missing teeth.


This is one field of dentistry that deals with the unfitting positioning of one or more teeth, be it on the upper jaw or the lower jaw.

Teeth cleaning:

This is an important and effective method of preventing dental caries and other dental problems. Basically, the dentist removes any traces of dental plaques from your teeth.


These are done in order to check the level of hygiene your mouth possesses and to figure out what solutions could be chosen to fix your dental problems.

Nitrous oxide sedation, if and when required

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