A Dental Clinic in Calgary That Will Work For You

If you’ve been looking for a dental clinic in Calgary that is capable of meeting all your dental needs, then you should look no further than Willow Park Dental. Our experience is here, at your service, and we are completely capable of handling your dental needs. We pay special attention to details, and ensure that your experience in Calgary dental clinic, meets your satisfaction and needs. With a wide range of procedures, ranging from cosmetic dental procedures like smile design and orthodontics, to pain prevention with our neuromuscular dentistry, which targets TMJ pain and can help alleviate head and neck pain, we are sure to provide you with anything your dental needs require.

Your Local SE Calgary Dental Clinic

Our dentist’s, Dr. Kanji and Dr. Ali, are both experienced and capable dental care professionals, and our staff is committed to caring for every patient that arrives at our dental clinic in Calgary. Both of our doctors are dedicated to staying informed of the latest dental techniques and procedures, in order to ensure that every aspect of their patients needs are met with the best available dental care. Willow Park Dental’s, our dental clinic in SE Calgary, expertise stems from a commitment to providing the absolute best and necessary dental care for their patients. The knowledge we provide can help alleviate not only your dental ailments, but also some of the detrimental effects that your oral health may be having on other parts of your body or health; things like, sleep apnea, or snoring.

Our Calgary Dental Clinic is Dedicated

Willow Park Dental is committed to providing exceptional service, coupled with our friendly environment; we aim to ease any dental anxiety our patients may have. Each person that makes up our team is here for the benefit of the patient; our dental clinic in Calgary is here for your dental needs. The dedication we exude is in part shown by the continuous education of our doctors, as well as the practice’s commitment to having some of the best technology in the dental market. So if you have any oral health concerns, or are taking the step towards improving your smile, you won’t be able to find a team more dedicated towards your dental success than Willow Park Dental.

iTero digital scanner

The iTero: Intra Oral Digital Scanner is Willow Park Dental's top of the line resource for ensuring the health and comfort of our patients. As opposed to a traditional dental impression, the iTero eliminates the mess and discomfort typically associated with the traditional dental procedure by using the latest in digital scanning technology; effectively giving accurate results with a much higher patients satisfaction. No more mess, and no more fuss. Your appointment time will be shortened and you'll be spared the anxiety, all the while ensuring that you receive the best dental fitting possible.

iTero digital scanner